Shainberg, 7 Days of Creation

Shainberg, 7 Days of Creation
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Price $175.00

Shainberg, 7 Days of Creation Watercolor, 15 x 22" image Framed in gold and white mat. Shows all seven days culminating in the day of rest - Shabbos. Day One - Creating the light out of darkness. Day Two - Splitting the upper and lower waters. Day Three - Land, plants and trees. Day Four - Creating the Luminaries; Sun, moon and stars, Day Five - Birds and fish. Day Six - Animals and mankind. Achron achron chaviv.  

SPECIAL: Available in limited edition lithographs: $175. unframed. $275. framed in wood with mat. until May 2016.

From June 2016 on : Unframed: $250. Framed:$350.

Original Watercolor work framed in worked gold with mat: $1750.


Call: 917 749 3627.